Dozens of colors, millions of possibilities

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Rainbow Bands  sells a variety of colorful bands & accessories so you can make and create your own beautiful and stylish custom jewelry.

Welcome To Our Exciting World !

Rainbow Bands   Is America's Number 1
Choice for Colorful Bands, Charms & Accessories.

You can match your creations with

Outfits and Costumes

Bags and Purses

Sports Teams and Countries

School Colors

Party Themes

Customize your jewelry with lots of exciting charms and other add-ons. Using your Rainbow bands  yourself or gifting your creations to somebody else has never been more fun or exciting with Dozens of colors, millions of possibilities .


$4.95 delivered

$57.95 delivered

Includes Box + 12,000 Bands
600 Clips 72 Charms 12 Hooks

$22.99 delivered